Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chicken Curry to Impress Great Aunt Maggie, Family Cooking Goddess

Mum was having a family get together and asked if I would help her out with a simple curry dish. Immediately, I zipped through my mental cookbook to find something that would use my crockpot and that I could "accessorize" with the jars and cans in my pantry. Mid-thought, I stopped dead in my tracks. At this party would be my Great Aunt Maggie - Goan cook extraordinaire. What on earth could lowly me make that would impress this Chicken curry with potatoes was the answer. Cooked the day before to allow the rich curried sauce to infuse into plump pieces of chicken breast and yukon gold potato cubes I hoped this would be one for the books.
My chicken curry journey began with my sauteing onion slices, crushed garlic and ginger, and half a green chili with some garam masala. Once the onions had caramelized and the kitchen air was thick with the aroma of curry, I added my chicken pieces. Nudging the chicken around in the pot until it was a rich golden brown, I then added my pantry accessories, half a can of chicken broth, and a Trader Joe's Massala Simmer Sauce. The pot was filled with golden pieces of chicken swimming in a rich, red, bubbling curry. I turned my stove off, let the pot cool, and put my pot-o-curry love in the fridge for a beauty rest.
The next morning the curry was transferred to my trusty Rival crockpot andset on the 6 hour-medium setting. Four hours into the simmering, I added cubed Yukon gold potatoes. An at the six hour mark, everything was tender, saucy, and fully cooked.
I personally served Great Aunt Maggie with some rice and curry, and later in the lunch, noticed her go for seconds. Lowly cook now has slightly inflated ego...gots to go...more recipes to try.

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