Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grazing on Luxurious Tidbits - Lunch at Work

Although leftovers are my absolute favorite for lunch, there are times when the dinner was so good that there are no leftovers.  There are many a time when I have resorted to sitting at my desk for lunch, but in recent days, I have forced myself to get up and just take a break. This week, my lunch bag  (heavily labeled and stored in the deepest recesses of our office fridge) is laden with goodies like pate soaked in port wine, melba toats, slivers of havarti cheese, a red pepper, snap peas, carrots, hummus, pita bread, salami, dehydrated papaya, and blackberry juice. With these ingredients, I am able to create a lunch that carries me out of the office and onto a sprawling green meadow where butterflies flit about, daffodils bloom, birds sing, and there are no signs of work.

Yesterday, I dug into my lunch box and came up with the following lunch. I started out with carrots and snap peas dipped in a garlicky hummus, then was onto a second course of a grilled pita sandwich with salami and havarti.  For dessert, I feasted on dehydrated papaya.
Who says a work lunch has to be boring.

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  1. Hummus, salami, snap peas, pita! That definitely sounds like my kind of lunch!
    That photo is absolutely gorgeous!!