Monday, January 3, 2011

Fridge Cleanout Pizza

Our little one has been recovering from having her adenoids and tonsils removed so food has not been the top priority in our home.  However, when she woke up from a nap craving pizza, the good parents that we are indulged her.  My husband thought of this as a good excuse to clean out our fridge from the holidays and use what was still usable.  Let's just say that Maya was ravenous for her Fridge Cleanout Pizza.

 We used Trader Joe's herb pizza dough - it was really tasty for a pre-made dough.

  Trader Joe's pizza sauce was generously slathered over the dough.

 We then sprinkled Trader Joe's mix of four cheeses - not my favorite choice for pizza, but it did the job.

 The only "cook-like" thing done with the pizza was the toppings mis-en-place.  We had polish sausage, chopped bell peppers, sweet onions and garlic.

 This masterpiece enticed our Maya Rosie to have her first "real" meal since her surgery.  I think that her making the pizza with B. made it more interesting to her.

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  1. we must get you a couple of pizza pans..........i see more imaginative pizzas being thought up in that adorable little head of hers. Try drizzling a little garlic in olive oil over the entire thing after it comes out of the oven. YUM!